Deepen Your Understanding of Yoga With Quality Training by INNERCITYOGA


Are you ready this year to deepen your knowledge of yoga?

When I was a pure beginner, the yoga practice instilled in me an exhilarating rush and I was eager absorbing like a sponge all this wonderful new information. Once I tasted the nectar of feeling open and balanced, I wanted to continuously repeat this sensation.

For long time, I falsely believed that by repeating certain asanas I would reach this same sensation again and again. But beware of the teacher daring to change the content of the class! Instead of leaving the class on a happy note, I would experience total dissatisfaction.

It took me some time to understand that yoga does not act on a superficial level. It is not a specific asana that gives you fulfillment. After many hours on the mat and long talks with my mentors, some of the world’s most respected yoga masters, I finally understood that the yoga comes from within.

I realized that each day my body would respond differently to the same set of exercices. On some days I would remain focussed on the present moment, on others my thoughts would shift from the practice to my busy life.

The more time I spent on the mat, the more I became aware of tiny, yet noticeable shifts in my body.

Master teacher trainer Chad Hamrin explaining the details of good alignment and its effect on the body's anatomy during an in-depth study at INNERCITYOGA in Geneve / Geneva.

The increased awareness led me to understand how to take the postures effortlessly. The more energy I spent on understanding the proper alignment of each posture, coupled with the ideal modifications for my body, the more efficient I would become in my practice.

In every yoga “career“, I have seen the same cycle repeat over and over:
From the moment you discover yoga, you make huge progress until one day reaching your personal plateau. It seems that you have learned everything there is. Your body is apt to perform many postures and you will become bored with attending the regular practice. When you are at this stage, it is easy to become biased and dismiss the regular practice as unworthy of your time.

That is the crucial moment when you are at the crossroads of either giving up or becoming a student of yoga for life.

Do you remember the last time you spent digging into something that you have always felt you are pretty darn good at? That is why I attend trainings and in-depth studies with some of the world’s most respected yoga teachers offering countless years of knowledge.

As dedicated yogis and yoga teachers you never stop learning. 

I am well aware that I am learning from some of the best and am doing my best to absorb everything that comes out of their mouth. It's easier said than done!
That is why it is crucial to keep yourself fresh and focused, by attending immersions, workshops and teacher trainings, even when you have no interest in ever becoming yourself a yoga instructor.

The smallest change in your technique becomes a huge change in your results.

I receive precious nuggets of wisdom from the long-time teachers’ perspective and for me, who has been integrating yoga on a high level for most of my life, I am always amazed how much more I can learn and implement into my own practice.

Often, I didn't even know it was possible to do some of the things these master teachers taught me and they have given me some great challenges to work on. Bottom line is it is the repetition that is the key to instilling it into my own technique.

Tap into high quality teachings with yoga teacher trainings and workshops by INNERCITYOGA in Geneva / Geneve.

If you are considering expanding your horizon, you will have a great number of workshops and immersions with globally respected yoga masters taking place at INNERCITYOGA.

Reviewing the manual during the RYS-200 Hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training by INNERCITYOGA in Geneve / Geneva with senior trainer Joan Hyman.

And if you are serious about deepening your understanding of yoga, maybe it’s time for you to consider this year the 200 hours foundational Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training created by the INNERCITYOGA founders.

The Info Session for the RYS-200 Hours teacher training takes place several times a year. You will get a short sample of a typical class as taught in the teacher training, followed by a brief presentation of the program and enough time for a questions and answers session.