Change Your Priorities for a Happy and Healthy New Year

Happy and Healthy New Year for a 2018 filled with Yoga Classes, Love and Laughter at INNERCITYOGA Studio in Geneve / Geneva

Your health is important to you. Its importance is such that most people rank their health among their top 3 priorities in life.

You probably guessed it already, but numerous studies prove why you should integrate yoga into your daily life. Chances are you turn to yoga at one stage in your life to take care of a specific issue in your body. Many illnesses and chronic pains are caused, simply said, by imbalances in your body and the mind. Treating an ailment or chronic pain by yoga usually happens after a medical examination has taken place.

Based on a recent study from 2015, nearly all yoga practicioners say they picked up yoga for wellness reasons or disease prevention. And prevention is what you may want to show interest in.

Do not wait until it is too late and anxiety, digestive issues or even a herniated disk happen. And yet, during the last quarter of every year, you tend to throw over all your concerns and precautions to finish all the tasks at hand before the holiday season.

Only when the last drop of champagne has been sipped
and the last cookie been savored
and the last day of your holidays spent slouching,
only then will you realize that it is time to step back to your yoga mat. Happy and Healthy New Year
— #innercityoga

Just like in the Indian Crow tribe proverb - that we reinterpreted with tongue in cheek - most people don't  stop while it is still time. Only once the “good times” are over that your body reminds you about the excessive lifestyle that you treated it to:
Lack of sleep? Compensated with caffeine.
Feeling stuffed? Open your appetite with an alcohol based aperitif.
Fatty foods? Have another digestive alcohol.

Now is the time to break this cycle and deal with it before it is too late!

Consider yoga a top priority in your agenDa

Consider yoga as a prevention technique that prepares your physical body and your mental state of mind for many years to come.

Stick your plans of practicing yoga more regularly.

Twice is better than once weekly. And stepping on the yogamat three or more times weekly increases your level of strength and satisfaction.

Why don't you schedule some personal yoga time in your agenda and stick to the plan no matter what, before it is too late?

We are here for your questions and concerns and offer different level yoga classes all year long. Your INNERCITYOGA team

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