Feeling Tired, Cranky, Stiff and Sore? Yoga is the answer!

When you are feeling tired, crank, stiff and sore a good yoga class can help you feel better.

Do you find yourself feeling tired, cranky, stiff, and sore at the end of a long work day? Maybe you’ve been sitting behind a desk all day, staring at a computer screen until your eyes burn or standing up in the salon doing haircut after haircut.

You go home thinking to yourself, “how can I continue on like this with my neck so tight and body so sore?” but you’re not doing much to remedy your chronic condition.

Maybe it’s time to consider yoga!

When people hear the word yoga they tend to envision ohmmm-ing, stretching, and meditation. So many beginners or those who have never practiced yoga say things like “I don’t want to stretch for an hour,” or “I don’t have enough time in my day to spend an hour lying on a mat.”

But what they don’t know is that even a little yoga can be life changing, giving you the push to get through each work day free of pain and with more energy!

One student of INNERCITYOGA who works as a dental professional in Geneva was thinking she may need to give up her career at the young age of 27. She felt that she was physically fit from strength training 4 times per week and running 2 times per week, but in reality all she was doing was exacerbating her stiff and tight muscles!

She came to the studio nearly in tears, needing every modification we could pull out to guide her into the right asanas appropriate for her body's condition. And with each class her body loosened up more and more. She became a believer in the practice of yoga, free of her chronic pain, more energetic, and happy going into work each day!

Taking a break from work helps you stay more focused and productive.

Taking a break from work helps you stay more focused and productive.

Do you need to commit to three yoga classes per week like Annie to get results?

We very much recommend a regular yoga practice of a minimum of two weekly classes to really see the result.
But you may also attend one weekly class and simply set aside a few minutes to incorporate these four poses into your busy day at the office to feel amazing!

1.     Seated Twist On Your Chair: A gentle stretch for the hips, knees, and ankles while increasing flexibility throughout the spine, shoulders, and chest. Keep both feet flat on the ground. To twist to the right, inhale as you place right hand on your right knee and grasp the back of the chair with left hand. Exhale as you move deeper into the stretch, holding for several breaths. Release and repeat on left side.

2.     Seated Backbend: Opens the chest while increasing lung capacity and energy. While seated with a straight spine inhale deeply as you reach up to the ceiling with arms wide. As you exhale let your gaze fall behind you as you feel a slight bend to your back. Hold for several breaths. Inhale to release your arms and return upright.

Uttansana  as demonstrated by a flexible student of yoga.

Uttansana as demonstrated by a flexible student of yoga.

3.     Forward Fold: Lengthens the hamstrings and back. It also releases the shoulders and offers an increased circulation for the brain. With feet together and knees slightly bent, fold forward from the hips. Place hands next to your feet or on the ground in front of you. Inhale, extending your chest to lengthen your spine. Hold for several breaths.

4.     Wrist Releaser: Perfect for those typing on a keyboard all day or working with their hands. Reach your right hand out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Flex your wrist back, gently pulling on each finger with your opposite hand while relaxing the shoulders away from the ears. Relax, switch hands, and repeat.

Give these poses a try and stop by INNERCITYOGA (in person or comment below) and let us know how it’s going!