Buyclub and innercityoga special deal

Congratulations on getting the BuyClub special before it sold out! 

To make your yoga experience at INNERCITYOGA on your BUYCLUB voucher as smooth and enjoyable as possible, please consult the frequently asked questions below. You may also want to consult the FAQ page and the Useful Tips page for everything not covered below and the Opening Hours and map of the studio.

Your special deal includes two different offers:

  1. Enjoy the yoga classes included in your deal within the validity date indicated on your voucher.

  2. You are entitled to join INNERCITYOGA on a special BuyClub discount before the expiry date indicated on your voucher.

INNERCITYOGA has been the trusted partner for all deals on yoga classes in Geneva Ever since the start of BuyClub.

This special offer is intended for you to discover the high quality proposed at INNERCITYOGA when you love practicing yoga in Geneve / Geneva. Our students appreciate the energy we invest in maintaining our high levels of quality: from smartly taught yoga classes by our certified teachers increasing your health benefits, to all the amenities included in every single entry on your class card.


Frequently Asked Questions about the BuyClub deal at INNERCITYOGA

Do I need to register for classes?

No. Simply attend the class of your choice. All classes your voucher is valid for are indicated on your voucher.


What do I need to bring to my first class?

  1. VOUCHER. No voucher, no entry!

  2. Bring a small sweat towel for floor work.

  3. Yoga or sports clothes. Simply bring your sports clothes that allow you to move around without chaffing. Typically a legging and a sports top or tight T-Shirt. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

  4. Feel free to bring your own mat. Complimentary yoga mats are always at your disposal.

  5. SMILE : )


how much in advance should I arrive?

  1. For your first class: Arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class to complete the new student waiver.

  2. Classes start on time, with a leeway for latecomers of 4-5 minutes.

  3. Weekdays: After 5 minutes, the studio's door is locked for the respect of the other students in class.

  4. Weekend: Please ring the bell at the entry of the building. If you rang the bell and no one opens, you are definitively too late for class!

What else do I need to do before my class?

  1. Get directions: INNERCITYOGA is located across the street from the Apple Store.

  2. Please indicate any existing injuries to your teacher. Like that your teacher may suggest modifications to help you follow the group classes adapted to your condition.


I practiced Pilates, never yoga. can I join the Dynamic classes that are marKed intermediate / Strong level?

Joseph Pilates used elements of yoga for his technique that focuses on specific strengthening of certain areas of your body, whereas yoga is much more complex. In intermediate and strong level classes the teacher presumes that all students know the basics postures and fundamental traditional sequences.
If you are a sporty beginner you are welcome to start out in these classes, while respecting your limited understanding of a creative, intense and often quite fastly paced yoga sequence.
Else, we recommend you starting with more basic level classes to get a feeling for the foundation of yoga.

can I join the PRENATAL or POSTNATAL sessions with my Buyclub voucher?

This deal includes daily regular classes as indicated on your voucher.
You are welcome to book prenatal and postnatal sessions separately.

can I join a Guest Workshop with my Buyclub voucher?

This deal includes daily regular classes as indicated on your voucher.
You are welcome to book workshops, trainings and other specialty sessions separately.

Can I share my BuyClub classes with a friend ?

All vouchers and class cards are personal and not transmissible once the first class is attended. Before attending your first class, you may still give your voucher to a friend, but then it belongs to that person. (We hope you did buy your friend a voucher!)
If you would like to bring a friend to class, there is always the new student special for first-time clients.


I bought several vouchers on BuyClub. May I use them all for myself?

As stated in the deal at the time when you bought it, there it one special offer per person. You may buy up to 3 of these special offers, but can use only 1 for yourself. Be a great friend and invite your besties to discover INNERCITYOGA!

I am already a member. can I use this voucher for myself?

As a member you are free to buy any deals on BuyClub. Simply respect the special conditions on every deal.
Keep in mind that as member with the 27 classes cards you do benefit from great rates all year long!


Can I extend my voucher beyond the expiry date mentioned?

All BuyClub vouchers and class cards expire at the end of the validity indicated in the deal, but we have a great solution for you to keepè benefitting from your classes - scroll down to the next question!
In case of a medical emergency, upon presentation of a medical certificate your voucher may get extended by the duration indicated by your doctor.

Extend your Classes's validity by becoming a member!

You may also activate the second part of the deal by buying into the membership + classes deal with the special 10% off BuyClub discount applied.
As a nice extra, once you become a member, all unused classes are carried over to your member's class card.
After that, as long as you are a member, your classes never expire!
Simply scroll down for all details!

Save extra on becoming a member at INNERCITYOGA with the 2nd part of the BuyClub deal

Why is there a yearly Membership?

From our own experience, at INNERCITYOGA we believe that yoga cannot be consumed occasionnally. To benefit from the full potential of the transformational power of yoga, a regular weekly, bi-weekly or even daily practice routine needs to be followed.
INNERCITYOGA operates as a private club, where a certain community spirit prevails and like-minded yoginis and yogis meet. Members enjoy the many perks that the Membership includes and that makes their lives so much easier. Think of being able to leave your personal yogamat at our members' only storage facility - no more schlepping of a heavy mat across Geneva to work and then to the studio.

How the Yearly Membership works:

The Membership is billed yearly on a date-to-date base.  It renews automatically every year at the next renewal date. For the duration of the membership you will enjoy several advantages listed below.


If you are passionate about your yoga practice, consider taking the membership when you plan on attending classes at INNERCITYOGA on a weekly, bi-weekly or even daily frequency.

  1. Extended validity of class cards: minimum 1 year

  2. Each renewal of your membership extends validity of unused classes for 1 year extra.

  3. Always best rates on class cards (up to 29% off)

  4. Reduced rates on workshops and on special sessions (up to 20% off)

  5. 5 invitations per year for friends (value 225.-)

  6. 1 small skidless towel (value 20.-)

  7. 25% off all skidless towels (up to 15.- off)

  8. Mat storage (value 120.-)

  9. Friend referral program: Earn Up to 250.- credit in classes per friend who becomes a member

  10. 15 % discount on headshots at Patric Pop Photo Studio, the Official Geneva Associate of world-renowned Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew (up to 105.- off )

–10% Discount on the first year

Buyclub Special: 324.–
(Reg. 360.–)
Invoiced yearly, date to date



–10% Discount on the first card

Buyclub Special: 656.–

(Reg. 729.–)

Valid for all regular classes.
Average 27.–

Our most popular package!

Choose when:
- you take 1 to 3 classes weekly
- keep your classes during travel
- refill your class card anytime.

–10% Discount on the first card

Buyclub Special: 427.50.–
(Reg. 475.–)

Valid for all regular classes.
Average 32.–

Choose when:
- you take 1 to 3 classes weekly
- keep your classes during travel
- refill your class card anytime.

Unlimited yearly
–10% Discount on the first year

Contract for 12 months
Buyclub Special: 225.– p. month
(Reg. 250.– p. month)

Valid for all regular classes.
Monthly debit from your bank.

For the Superyogis!

Choose when:
- you take 3+ classes weekly
- 1st month due at the registration, after debited by LSV from your bank.


There are no BuyClub specials on the Non-Members' class cards.
Opt for these limited-in-time non-members packages if you would like to first see how yoga fits into your life, or if you are in Geneva on a shorter period. Consult all your options here.