Chad Hamrin
13 – 16 September 2018

4-Days Masterclass and Workshops for All Levels – Earlybird Before 9 September

Deepen your understanding of yoga and expand your level of practice with master teacher Chad Hamrin in Geneva.
Open to the public:
Book any of the all-levels workshops, or register for the 4 full days long Masterclass.
The Masterclass is the second segment of the RYS-300-Hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training.
It is mainly attended by trainees of the program, but it is open to the interested public under the condition to respect the teacher - student exchange.


ABOUT Chad Hamrin

Chad Hamrin is a dear friend and mentor of the INNERCITYOGA  founders . He is in charge of leading the advanced  RYS-300 Teacher Training  in Geneva.

Chad Hamrin is a dear friend and mentor of the INNERCITYOGA founders. He is in charge of leading the advanced RYS-300 Teacher Training in Geneva.

Master teacher Chad Hamrin has been teaching yoga for 40+ years. Ever since 1967, he has been studying Iyengar,  viniyoga, ashtanga, and kundalini yoga, and holds the black belt in karate.

He is a skilled bodyworker with extensive experience in polarity therapy, reiki, jin-shin do and deep tissue massage. His teaching brings together aspects of all these elements resulting in a style which emphasizes investigative awareness of the body, flow, mindfulness and breath, leading naturally into a deep insightful practice.

From our personal experience we can tell you that, Chad Hamrin reads your body like no one else, helping you to deepen your practice.

Chad Hamrin is lead teacher of INNERCITYOGA’s RYS-300 Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

Reservation highly recommended: this workshop usually fill up very quickly!

After over 40 years of study and practice with many, many, many teachers,
I’m still amazed at the depth of the journey.

I teach from a place where there’s a journey open to all, called life.
Yoga helps us to be more open and present in our journey.

I teach to simplify and to hopefully inspire each student to be open to their own journey, open to both the struggles and the joys, and to find a place of deep gratitude instead of perfection.
— Chad Hamrin


Friday 14 September, 18.00 – 20.00

Workshop: Deepen your practice through breathing

Your breath is the beginning of discovering your true inner self. In conjunction with yoga postures breathing properly helps you overcome those innermost fears and achieve a heightened state of awareness.

Saturday 15 September, 13.00-16.00

Workshop: How to Find Your Seat in Asanas with Bandhas

Every energetic pose must have a seat that brings mind, body, breath together into a seat of intention. In Sanskrit Bandha means to lock or to hold. There are many bandhas, ankles, knees, hips etc, that are used in all energetic yoga poses.  We are going to review what you know and then work with some new practical ways of looked at they energetic actions.
It will change your practice, come and explore !

Sunday 16 September, 13.00-16.00

The Upside and Downside of Inversions - SAFE Headstands and shoulderstandS for your body.

These two inversions are considered quite important, for many reason’s. They are the King and Queen of all asanas. It also urges the student to consider learning how to do these two poses very well so that no harm comes and so that one can practice them on a regular basis, otherwise by practicing them infrequently one can also do harm. So lets start with the basics, enough to get you started or further advance you. You will learn variations adapted to your body's alignment.


MASTERCLASS / Segment 2 RYS-300 Hours Yoga Training

This segment is part of the RYS  300 Hours Deep Flow Yoga Training  by INNERCITYOGA in Geneva / Genève and is certifed by Yoga Alliance.

This segment is part of the RYS 300 Hours Deep Flow Yoga Training by INNERCITYOGA in Geneva / Genève and is certifed by Yoga Alliance.

This masterclass is the second segment of the certified RYS-300 Hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training. It is open to graduates of a RYS-200 yoga teacher training, but also for regular students of yoga of seek to deepen their yogic experience and strengthen your personal yoga practice. “Regular yogis” are asked to kindly respect the teacher student exchange in the masterclass.

Thursday 13 September

09.30 – 11.30 Masterclass only
14.30 – 17.00 Masterclass only

Friday 14 September

09.30 – 11.30 Masterclass only
14.30 – 17.00 Masterclass only
18.00 – 20.00 Workshop: “Deepen Your Practice Through Breathing”

Saturday 15 September

08.00 – 10.30 Masterclass only
13.00 – 16.00 Workshop: “How to Find Your Seat in Asanas with Bandhas”
16.30 – 17.30 Masterclass only

Sunday 16 September

08.00 – 10.30 Masterclass
13.00 – 16.00 Workshop: “Upside and Downside of Inversions”
16.30 – 17.30 Review, Closing Circle

Content of the Masterclass

Chad Hamrin brings in extensive knowledge of teaching for more than 40 years make the workshops and Masterclass of basic and more advanced asanas.

Chad Hamrin brings in extensive knowledge of teaching for more than 40 years make the workshops and Masterclass of basic and more advanced asanas.

Intro to Adjusting: How to see!
There are a couple of simples way to go about adjusting students. One way is to quickly see alignment issues that may be a potential injury. Another way is to see the over all focus of the pose or a transition from one pose to another. But to see the bigger picture, the pose, the person, the yoga, takes much more skill. You will learn to see the person, the pose, through alignment, breath and how to observe a student with a certain mind set that needs to be understood before an adjustment will become a teaching.

Intro to Therapy: Wholeness or Harmony?
To assist a person to realize where they are disharmonious and how to move toward a deeper place of wholeness.
The deeper issue is they must want to do the work, the healing. Yoga suggests many ways to do this. We’ll start with the physical sense of an asana as an entry point to this discovery. Through alignment we start to see and fine tune our state of mind/ body harmony. How psycho/emotional patterns hold us back or free us into a new place movement, a place of stillness.

Advanced Intensive
Well advanced with intensive says it all.
These 10 hours are where we can move a little deeper into the eye of ourselves through more intense asana practice.
This is where the pose itself is not the focal point but how to harmonize with the breath and the shifting patterns of an unsteady mind. You will find a deeper place of discovery in that moment where stillness comes and your inner self is revealed.

It is agreed upon by all Eastern traditions and practices that spirit, mind and breath have an intimate relationship. It is the next limb in the Astanga work by Patanjali. So this short amount of time is designed to introduce the art of pranyama and maybe to dispel myths about it or to see and respect the power of the practice itself. Any introduction usually is a preparation to a more in depth understanding. Any understanding about the breath will lead to a deeper understanding of asana and meditation.

Bodywork and Yoga
I’ve done yoga for over 40 years and bodywork for over 30 years. I will share my personal discoveries of how well these two practices combine to take a student/teacher, bodyworker to a deeper place of understanding. Yoga can appear to be a little short sighted in being able to do deeper more specific work . To release patterns that have remained unconscious over long years of practice. Bodywork can pinpoint these areas. At the same time yoga poses and the art of yoga philosophy can take the person into deeper realms of self realization.

Spots are limited and most workshops fill up quickly; remember to book early!


MEMBER OF INNERCITYOGA with active membership:

Per Workshop: 95.–
All 3 Workshops: 255.–
Masterclass: 890.–


Per Workshop: 110.–
All 3 Workshops: 300.–
Masterclass: 990.–

Frequently Asked Questions about the Workshops and masterclass with Chad Hamrin:

Q: Am I obliged to take all workshops?
A: No, you are free to mix and match all workshop classes.
Attend all 3 workshops, or only 1.
Or opt for the full 4 days masterclass for a full in-depth study with Chad Hamrin. That is what we will do and what we also recommend to anyone serious about yoga.

Q: So, I can simply attend only one workshop. Can I book for another one on the spot?
A: Yes, this is possible, as long as there is a spot for you in the extra workshop that you would like to attend.

Q: Can I attend the masterclass?
A: Yes.
The masterclass is one segment of the RYS-300 hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training. The masterclass will be attended by trainees who did graduate from the foundational RYS-200 Hours training. But we keep it open to students of yoga of all levels who are interested in expanding their knowledge. If you do not take part in the RYS-300 program, we kindly ask you to take this study seriously and attend all segments. You will learn a lot!

Q: Will there many people?
A: Usually all workshops and masterclass see an increase in popularity. But no worries, while we are numerous, the atmosphere during the workshop is just incredible!

Q: Are these hours counted towards my certification?
A: If you are registered for the RYS-300 hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training, hours of these workshop classes are counted towards your certification. There will be a certain number of hours of self-study and homework that adds to the count of the non-contact hours.

Q: Can I book a private with Chad Hamrin?
A: Wee need to look into Chad's availability. Simply contact us and we'll see what we can arrange.

Q: I already paid for the workshop classes as a non-member. In the meantime, I have decided to become a member. Can I benefit retroactively from the member's rate?
A:  Yes, we will gladly honor your membership for the period chosen.

Q: I forgot to book before the earlybird dealine! Can I still benefit from it?
A: Retroactive requests for the earlybird rates cannot be accepted. However, we offer a grace period of 24 hours after the deadline of the earlybird (if there are any spots left)!