Corporate Offers

Have your employees benefit from corporate offers on yoga classes in Geneva when joining INNERCITYOGA. Corporate Offers come free of charge for your company!
Simply send us a minimum of 5 employees to register for memberships at the studio.

All new members on the corporate offers will enjoy all Members’ benefits and the studio’s amenities.
Above all, these employees will increase their health benefits and contribute to a positive work environment among colleagues.



Bring at least 5 employees of your company to INNERCITYOGA.
When subscribing for the membership and of the options they will all benefit from the following corporate offers:

Yearly membership
+ 15 classes cards
1 class offered
on each class card renewed

Yearly membership
+ 25 classes cards
2 classes offered
on each class card renewed

Yearly membership
+ Unlimited yearly access
13th month offered

Conditions for Corporate Offers at INNERCITYOGA


  • Mandatory agreement between the company’s Human Ressources and INNERCITYOGA
  • Once agreement is settled, HR promotes the offer internally to all employees
  • Corporate offers are reserved exclusively to personnel currently benefitting from salary status.

Minimum subscriptions

  • The offers become activated once the fifth participant is signed up.
  • Valid only for employees subscribing to membership and one of the options mentioned above.
  • If the number of employees subscribed to INNERCITYOGA drops below 5, the offers are revoked.

Authentication of employee status

  • Authentication of current employee status is requested when subscribing as New Member or renewing a class card.
  • Accepted as form of authentication are: employee badge or a written statement by HR issued less than 30 days prior.

Not accepted as authentication:

  • Business cards cannot be accepted as proof of employee status.
  • Without proper authentication, the offers cannot be applied.

General conditions

  • All other conditions are settled in the Member's Contract.

Please contact us to set up a Corporate Offer for your company:

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Your employees will love it when your company set ups a corporate offer with INNERCITYOGA. Need more reasons?