Frequently asked Questions ABOUT YOGA :

Start well into your yoga experience with this non-exhaustive list of frequently asked questions, that we hear all the time at INNERCITYOGA in Genève / Geneva.
If your question is not listed here, send it to us and we even might add it to this page!

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Please remember to bring a small sweat towel for floor work.
Simply bring your sports clothes that allow you to move around without chaffing. Typically a legging and a sports top.


Do I need a yogamat?

Feel free to bring your own mat if you have one. Else, INNERCITYOGA provides all props : yogamats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters for proper alignment.

Where can I get changed and leave my belongings?

INNERCITYOGA provides changing rooms with individual lockers and large, individual showers. If you have very precious valuables on you, take them with you into the yoga studio. Once class starts, the center’s door remains locked for the duration of class.

Do I need to reserve my yoga class?

There is no need to reserve for regular yoga classes. You may just drop in (even as a non-member) without registering prior. Registration is needed for specialty yoga sessions like Prenatal Yoga and workshops.

Which classes do I need to register for then?

Specialty yoga sessions like Prenatal Yoga or Yoga Workshops and Immersions get fully booked.
Drop-ins cannot be accepted.

What are your opening hours?

Peak-hours: INNERCITYOGA opens 20 minutes before every class and again for the 20 minutes after every class.
Off-peak classes: The studio opens 15 minutes before class.

In between the officially scheduled classes and during classes
he center remains closed.


DOES INNERCITYOGA close during holidays?

INNERCITYOGA is open all year round, including many public holidays.
Your studio usually remains closed a couple of days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. When in doubt, please consult the class schedule.

Is INNERCITYOGA open during summer?

Yes! We are absolutely thrilled to be the only yoga studio in Geneva (please correct us if we got this one wrong) to remain open all summer long. You will experience the benefits from a regular yoga practice like the Sunrise classes on the outdoor deck!

During summer I do not want to practice inside. Do you offer classes outdoors in the park?

Much better! INNERCITYOGA offers yoga classes on the 90m2 large terrace patio during warm weather.
This offers you the guarantee of absolute comfort enjoying an outdoor yoga practice and the  convenience of the INNERCITYOGA's full service, including changing rooms, lockers, showers, mat storage.

Good to know:
it is illegal in Geneva to offer and practice yoga classes on public ground (parks, squares) and organizers may get fined.
In this sense, we are extremely happy to be able to offer you both the indoors and outdoors option on our massive terrace.

Do you have to be a vegetarian to practice yoga?

Over time, through a regular yoga practice you will become conscious about the quality of your nutrition: eventually you are what you eat. It is correct that many people practicing yoga are turned towards healthier, vegetarian food. We do occasionnally blog about this connection.

Does yoga help me quit smoking?

We have seen many of our yoga students quit smoking. Tobacco is a toxin and the more frequently you practice yoga the more your body will repel it. You become also aware of what damage you do to your body. 

I am not flexible, why IS yoga good for me?

You do practice yoga to become more flexible. By practicing regularly you will see a positive effect on your mind too.


I suffer from frequent back pain; why should I practice yoga?

Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, a smartly taught yoga class may help you alleviate back problems (and many other issues too).
Backpain is often caused by stress, the lack of adapted exercise and weakening of the dorsal muscles.
Backpain may also be caused by tight hips from long holds in a sedentary position, also known as office work.
The more stress you suffer from, the more tensions and the stiffer the back.

If practiced regularly, yoga helps you reinforce the back muscles, stretches the spinal column and may even help in severe cases of backproblems like sciatica and herniated disks.

Conclusion: attending a yoga class regularly is the key for a healthy back!

Why is yoga good for me?

If practiced regularly, yoga has proven effective to improve your overall health, as well as offering a heightened state of well-being. Yoga may help you with:
- eliminate back pain
- increase flexibility
- balance mind and body
- tone muscles
- improve digestion
- reduce stress
- control anxiety and insomnia
- improve respiratory efficiency
- improve memory and mental focus
Consult also “Benefits of Yoga”

Can I still join the class when arriving late?

We admit students no later than 5 minutes to a class which did already start. This is for your safety, as not to miss the warm up phase for your body.

If you happen to arrive later than expected (stuck in traffic), please call the frontdesk.

May I practice yoga – and particularly inversions – during my period?

Do as you feel! Energy levels may vary strongly during your cycle. INNERCITYOGA founder Ioana Pop did a lot of research on this topic and found no scientific proof that a short hold of inversions (that’s about 1.5 – 2.5 min) would interfere with the energetical flow.
Just signal it it your yoga teacher and you will be proposed alternate asanas. While some other studios follow an inversion free practice during your period, we found as yoga was reserved strictly for men for such a long period that this must have been turned into popular belief.

I am pregnant; is it ok for me to practice yoga?

Please do consult the specific section Frequently Asked Questions about Prenatal Yoga. Yoga may help ease tensions during this very special moment. Please consult first your doctor.


Do I need to stop drinking alcohol to practice yoga?

Drinking an occasional glass or two won’t hurt you. However, when you practice a lot of yoga you find that alcohol slows you down and makes your body and joints stiff, plus recuperation time on the next day wastes a lot of your precious time.
Cutting alcohol altogether will improve your focus, your energy and your stamina.

PS: Obviously, do not drink alcohol before your yoga class!

I did not understand what the instructor told the class.
May I ask during class to explain this to me?

All our staff members at INNERCITYOGA are always there to help you progress and experience a positive transformation.
While in the Basics classes it is ok to address the questions to the teacher, in most classes, we kindly invite you to address questions privately without disturbing the flow of the group or hold your question for the time being and ask your teacher after class.


How long do I need to wait after having eaten before attending a yoga class?

This depends on what and how much you have eaten; generally, it is good to wait at least 2 hours after a light meal. Some meals take much longer to digest: a cheese fondue may take days to digest!

What do you mean by “practicing regularly”?

Practice at least once weekly.
Even better is to practice two times weekly or more often.
Make sure to arrange time for yourself, for your yoga and you will improve greatly your physical and mental benefits.

Do you also teach in English?

All of our staff are fluent in English, several teachers are of English mother tongue. To give you maximum comfort, all yoga classes at INNERCITYOGA are taught in English and French.

At this time of writing, INNERCITYOGA welcomes yoga students from over 74 nations!


My partner thinks only girls do yoga. How can I convince him to try it?

For thousands of years, yoga was reserved to men. Yoga has seen a massive transformation over the past 70 years as today the majority of yoga students are women.
Yoga teaches us to be non-judgmental of others and of ourself. Bring your partner to a class that he will love (contact us first to recommend the ideal class to him).
Your teacher will make sure to give your partner a strong workout while practicing mindfully.
Some people need to learn it the hard way: but refrain from laughing when he suffers. Eventually he’ll love yoga!

I am getting bored easily. Is yoga really something I should do?

All classes at INNERCITYOGA offer an intelligently arranged sequencing that keeps your body moving. You need to focus on the moment, on the movement and the proper alignment of the poses.
By doing so, your mind enjoy a meditation in motion. INNERCITYOGA is a dynamic yoga studio where you will move a lot.

Is yoga a religion or a sect?

No. Yoga is a philosophical discipline that encompasses also the physical and mental aspects. All yoga classes taught at INNERCITYOGA are non-dogmatic and freed from esoteric connotations.

Additionnally, INNERCITYOGA is a neutral, safe haven of peace where all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religious beliefs coexist and practice yoga while breathing the same air.

Do I need to know sanskrit terms?

No. The Sanskrit language is old as humanity and mostly used for philosophical texts and liturgical chants (mantras). As you probably have a busy life we translate sanskrit terms during class for you. However it always helps to know the main poses in sanskrit. This can prove useful, particularly if you take yoga classes in a foreign country. In this sense, sanskrit helps you connect and understand to foreign people!

Do you get rich with the workshops – they are quite expensive?

LOL - Hell no! We propose workshops with some of the world’s most respected teachers. And they do not come cheap! The fees cover the guest teachers’ travel expenses and stay and compensate for the time s/he cannot teach at home. Be reassured: after deduction of all costs, there’s not much left over for the studio. Simply remember this: even yogis must make a living; in ancient times, yogis were sponsored by the local maharajas.

Does INNERCITYOGA belong to an international chain of studios?

INNERCITYOGA is a small family enterprise founded in Geneva. You could say that the studio is the extension of the living room.
That is why we love working so hard!

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