Levels in yoga classes

INNERCITYOGA is the dynamic yoga studio in Geneva offering english-speaking yoga classes for all levels. We make beginners, intermediate and more advanced yogis happy!

All yoga classes at INNERCITYOGA Genève / Geneva focus on physical postures (asanas) and their anatomically correct alignment. The frequent practice of these postures reinforce the body and help increase the awareness preparing you for seated meditations. Many classes also integrate a dynamic sequence that is called “flow”. This helps to warm up the body enough to prepare and protect for more challenging asanas (yoga postures).

While most regular yoga classes welcome all levels of yoga students, we do invite you to consult the level in the descriptions of class style.


You are introduced to the foundations of all asana based yoga classes. Basic level classes are designed for both students with no experience as well as a more seasoned practitioner, you are about to discover yoga or are looking for a slower, basic class. Under the supervision of certified teachers, you will learn the foundation of breathing techniques, proper alignment of basic yoga postures, the use of props and evolve quickly within the slowly flowing sequence of the class.
You build strength, flexibility, and balance. Physical activity is involved, enough to be on the verge to break a sweat and elevate the cardiovascular endurance. Remember: Benefits of Yoga come to those who practice regularly. It is normal that at the beginning you might feel overwhelmed with all the new information learned. You actually do rediscover all the details of how your body works and opens.



In the Intermediate Level, the fundamental postures found in Basic Level are reviewed, intensified and tweaked through creative and more challenging sequences. Your understanding of yoga has evolved enough to tackle more demanding postures like arm balances, backbends and basic inversions. You will challenge your strength, stamina, and flexibility. Your teacher will advise you to either stay in the basic version of a posture or may try a more advanced variation.
Sporty beginners may attend Intermediate Level classes.



You have a strong, solid yoga practice and know the difference between Surya Namaskar A and Surya B. You are familiar with intermediate yoga postures (including inversions and backbends) and are adding more advanced variations to your roster.
STRONG Level classes are intense, physically demanding and combine creative sequencing with advanced asanas.
In the STRONG Level you will sweat to achieve a heightened state of awareness, test your stamina and explore variations. We do expect you to be in excellent physical condition as you are guided through an intense sequence spiked with more advanced asanas.
STRONG level classes do not suit pure Beginners with no prior yoga experience!



These classes are reserved exclusively for students of yoga who either are in training in the foundational RYS-200-hours or professional RYS-300-hours or have been teaching for some time. In the best interest for the student, the understanding of all fundamentals, and the eight-fold limbs of yoga are mandatory.



Prenatal level classes are designed for both women with little experience as well as a more seasoned yoginis.
Under the expert supervision of the studio founder, you will learn the foundation of breathing techniques, proper alignment of yoga postures for your pregnancy, the use of props and the perfect placing of your baby.
You build strength, flexibility, and balance to stay healthy during your pregnancy.


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