Welcome to our beautiful studio and community at INNERCITYOGA.

Right in the hear of Geneva, you will be able to deepen your understanding of yoga with the many workshops and intensives with guest master teachers, specials sessions for pregnancy and yoga teacher trainings that deepen your yoga. We are looking forward to travelling the future together with the daily classes, one yoga pose at a time.


Here is to new beginnings. It's that time of the year filled with dreams, wishes and goal setting – whether realistic or not doesn't matter. More often than not, it's the occasion to throw it all out there and hope something sticks...

Beyond sheer hope of having this “spray and pray” approach working, improving yourself actually lies in your own hands. 
Setting your thoughts straights, prioritising on what your mind and body keep craving – peace, power and positivity – will help reaching your goals faster than expected.

All you need to is scheduling “me-time” in your agenda. 

The key is regularity: from once a week to twice, from two times to three, you will see an immediate improvement on all areas that you are looking forward to getting better at. And as nice side effect, you will feel the 3Ps. 

You probably guessed it already, most people keep ranking their health among their top 3 priorities in life. So, if you feel that you kept neglecting your body's cries for help, it's nice to know that daily yoga classes start again as of 2 January.

Looking forward to welcoming you for a new year of peace, power and positivity!


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