We are currently going through one of our most painful experiences and it is with our deepest regrets and great sadness that we are writing these lines.

In short, effective 31 March 2019 we have to shut down operations at our beloved yoga studio. 

Since the first day, the new owner of the building taking over and their property management treating us as a commodity and showing abusive behaviour, there was no common ground to be found. After nearly three years of constant battle, it was impossible to finally get the lease renewed.


We will miss our beautiful studio. 
Our close friend and mentor Bryan Kest compares this to loosing a close family member.

We will miss stepping into the airy sunlit space. 
Sunsets on the outdoor deck on long summery days. 
The smell of lavender rubbed between the fingers during savasana. 

Sharing laughs with students joining us from all over the world. Former students raving about their experience at INNERCITYOGA that they cannot find whererever they moved. Spending all our “vacation” time studying with master teachers to provide the very best teaching to help all our students progress. Seeing students taking our advice and evolve in their practice.

We evolved with the studio, spending thousands of hours on the mat. 
The practice changed us, being able to deal with almost every obstacle thrown at us. 
Yoga really works, keep on practicing!

It all started with the first class on Sunday 1 December 2002. 
And on Sunday 31 March, Ioana will close this chapter of bringing yoga to Geneva with the last class at INNERCITYOGA.

What happens to us? 

Well, our entire existence is about to collapse. 
We don’t know yet. We are too much taken by surprise. 
At this time, our future is very uncertain, but we hope being of service again to you in a different context.
We keep you posted. 
PS: Your privacy is of greatest importance to us and your personal information is not shared with any third party.

What happens to you & your classes?

Our focus always was and continues on you being able to enjoy uninterrupted classes, all year long.
Until 31 March you may continue to use your classes at the full schedule at INNERCITYOGA. 

Over the past days, we spent time talking with local studios identifying the ones matching the closest with what you are used to from INNERCITYOGA. We have the pleasure to inform you that the INSENS studio near Rive agreed to grant ICY students continue using their classes as of 1 April.

Please click here for their conditions to use your classes.

Drop-ins: should you be out of classes and wish to attend for one or two final classes, you may drop-in at 30.- for members and 40.- for non-members.

No Invitations: Given this special situation, we kindly ask you to not bring friends on invitations not to the weekend classes. Priority will be given to students with an active class card.

Unlimited access members:  Your automatic debit has been cancelled.

Prenatal: We reach out to you separately to finish your session.

Yogamats / Lost&Found

We invite you to pick up your mat from the yogamat storage before 31 March. 
Remember to pick up any belongings in the Lost & Found. 
Anything left after 1 April will be donated to the red cross.

We are honoured and thankful that our paths crossed and we hope to see you in the future in a happier context.
Ioana and Patric