Outdoor Yoga Patio

INNERCITYOGA has the unique advantage of proposing Indoor & Outdoor Yoga on the 90m2 large rooftop patio with space for up to 25 yoginis in the heart of Geneva. Escape your office space and join the outdoor yoga classes from late spring throughout summer.

Practice yoga on the exclusive outdoor yoga deck offering a haven of peace in the middle of the city. The rooftop patio is hidden away from noise and well protected from possible wind. As the outdoor deck is directly connected to the lounge space and frontdesk area, this means INNERCITYOGA offers you the best of both worlds:

Enjoy outdoor yoga classes while having access at all times to the full-service yoga studio with all amenities:

Access all yoga mats and props, changing rooms, lockers, showers and complimentary towel service before and after class. Members may leave their personal yogamat in the members' only storage.

At INNERCITYOGA, daily yoga classes take place all year long.
CHANGING weather does not stop us from yoga.

We are extremely committed to provide you with the very best environment for your yoga practice. While the yoga studio is nicely warmed during the cold fall and winter season, it is also conveniently cooled during hot days. And for the sunny days, in case of unforeseen rainshowers, the entire class moves inside to the studio and seamlessly continues the yoga practice. On really hot days it is great to know that our beautiful studio is comfortably cooled to a pleasant 25°C. Not too cold or too hot. Simply perfect.

Are you ready to feel a soft breeze caress your skin and cool down your mind?


Which YOGA classes take place outdoors?

Each INNERCITYOGA teacher is free to take the decision to teach outdoors based on the current weather and temperature. Our favorite time for outdoor yoga classes are mornings and evenings and suit all levels, from beginners to more advanced yoga students.

For your information:
Lastly, we would like to point out that it is illegal in the city of Geneva to teach yoga classes in parks or other public grounds.  A couple of local teachers did learn it the hard way, getting fined for such activities. Hence, we have the great privilege to propose classes to our loyal students with the full comfort of the yoga studio and the benefit of the fresh air.

We are indeed very lucky being able to propose the Outdoor / Indoor Yoga solution to all our students at INNERCITYOGA.

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