Get your body back after your pregnancy with INNERCITYOGA's Postnatal Yoga classes.

Congratulations on being a new mom! Our Postnatal Yoga classes are ideal to return to your yoga routine and rediscover your body after giving birth of your baby. During your pregnancy you took care of your blooming body. Now it is time to recenter and rebuild your strength with a harmonious exercise program designed specifically for you.

The continuation of your Prenatal Sessions

Just like the prenatal yoga, the postnatal yoga is proposed in predefined sessions. First, you will get your body get used to physical exercice with postures that you know from your prenatal yoga sessions. You will then learn specific techniques for strengthening your body and targeting the specific areas after giving birth.

What do you learn in these postnatal yoga classes?

Postnatal Yoga at Geneva / Geneve's leading studio INNERCITYOGA helps young moms to get their body back after the pregnancy.

All postures (asanas) and sequences in INNERCITYOGA's postnatal yoga classes are selected carefully for helping you with your postpartum body. Considering how many daily tasks as a new mother put you at risk by bending and twisting your spine, you will learn how to target and strengthen your core's muscle fibers. The core consists of muscles surrounding the spine and internal organs enclosed within the abdominal cavity. It also involves other main muscles groups crossing the hip girdle, including the abdominal muscles, the gluteal complex and the upper-body musculature to stabilize and protect the spine. Postnatal yoga strengthens the perineum / pelvic floor and reinforces all abdominal muscles such as transversus abdominis, external and internal obliques, rectus abdominis and dorsal muscles such as erector spinae, longissimus thoracis, and the diaphragm. You will also reinforce and take tension out of other areas like the upper and lower back, the trapezias, the shoulders and arms which are all very engaged in carrying and cradling your baby.

Join other New moms for your weekly yoga

You will enjoy connecting with other new moms in Geneva's leading yoga studio near Rive. It is nice to be able to share experiences and get a community feel with women living the same exciting new stage in your lives.


May I bring my baby to class?

You have been connecting with your baby for the past 9 months. We know how hard it is to leave your little darling for a moment! For best best results and your own well-being, all postnatal yoga classes at INNERCITYOGA are offered only for new moms without baby.

But in the past you did offer to bring my baby to postnatal classes?

We found that many new moms were easily distracted by their little darlings. While the babbling and giggling was expected, the screaming of the babies would make it hard for everyone to focus on the content of the course.
The postnatal yoga classes are not designed for bonding with your baby, but the focus is on you, getting you back in shape. Happy Mom = happy family!


Next Postnatal Yoga Sessions

Currently no sessions are scheduled. Please contact the studio if you would like to stay updated.