Frequently asked Questions ABOUT PRENATAL YOGA:

During your pregnancy you have many questions about your health and how yoga helps you live a happy and healthy maternity.

Relax and take care of yourself and your blooming body. INNERCITYOGA studio founder Ioana Pop answers most of your questions about prenatal yoga. Send us your questions and we might add it to this page!

Do I need to reserve my Prenatal yoga classES?

Yes. Most Prenatal Yoga Sessions at INNERCITYOGA get booked fully. Please register on the page Book Prenatal Yoga.

Can I test one class before registering for prenatal yoga?

With fully booked sessions, drop-ins cannot be accepted as this disturbs the participants of the class.
Rest assured, nearly all expecting moms have been attending several sessions because they loved it so much! Read their testimonials.

May I sign-up for the New Student Trial to ATTEND Prenatal Yoga Classes?

The New Student Trial is valid for regular classes only.

I would like to book both weekly sessions. Are they structured the same? I fear getting bored.

Congratulations on deciding to take group classes twice weekly. With many postures to choose from, the themes of classes vary and you will definitely not get bored.


Does my insurance reIMBURSE PRENATAL YOGA?

Please inquire with your insurance company about coverage for prenatal yoga classes. It varies strongly from company to company. Upon request, we will gladly establish a certificate for the classes taken.

Where can I get changed and leave my belongings?

INNERCITYOGA provides changing rooms with individual lockers and large showers. If you have very precious valuables on you, take them with you into the yoga studio. Once class starts, the center’s door remains locked for the duration of class.

What are your opening hours?

Peak-hours: INNERCITYOGA opens 20 minutes before every class and again 20-30 minutes after every class.
Off-peak classes: The studio opens for 15 minutes before class.

In between the officially scheduled classes and during classes
the center remains closed.

Can I still join the class when arriving late?

We admit students no later than 5 minutes to a class which already started. This is for your safety, as not to miss the warm up phase for your body. If you happen to arrive later than expected (stuck in traffic), please call the frontdesk.


DOES INNERCITYOGA close for vacation?

Prenatal Yoga is not offered during public school holidays.
For regular classes, INNERCITYOGA stays open all year round, including most public holidays.

Is INNERCITYOGA open during summer?

Yes! We are absolutely thrilled to be the only yoga studio in Geneva (please correct us if we got this one wrong) to remain open all summer long. You will experience the benefits from a regular yoga practice.

When is the best moment to start Prenatal Yoga?

We recommend starting early in your pregnancy, usually towards the end of the first term. That moment depends on how you feel, and varies strongly from woman to woman. The earlier you start practicing yoga as an expecting mom, the more you will benefit from the yoga during pregnancy and beyond.


I am only weeks away from delivery and want to finally start taking yoga classes.
May I still join at this later stage in pregnancy?

Unfortunately no. We cannot admit expecting moms at this late stage (as of 30 weeks without any prior experience of yoga or physical activity undertaken during pregnancy.
Please start early in your pregnancy.

Until WHEN may I practice Prenatal Yoga?

Start early in your pregnancy. If not advised differently, you may continue practicing yoga literally until the night prior to delivery. INNERCITYOGA founder Ioana still practiced yoga on a Sunday night and gave birth the next day.

I have never practiced yoga before. Is It ok to start now?

Yes, you may take the Prenatal Yoga classes without prior yoga experience – as long as you start no later than 5 months pregnant.
Starting later in pregnancy may prove more difficult physically.

I cannot commit to taking the Prenatal yoga sessions at INNERCITYOGA. May I attend regular yoga classes instead?

Our regular classes are not adapted to the needs of an expecting mom. However if you have been practicing at the studio for some time prior to your pregnancy, you may ask us directly for suggestions.

Why is yoga good for me?

If practiced regularly, yoga has proven effective to improve your overall health, as well as offering a heightened state of well-being. Yoga may help you:
- eliminate back pain
- increase flexibility
- balance mind and body
- tone muscles
- improve digestion
- reduce stress
- control anxiety and insomnia
- improve respiratory efficiency
- improve memory and mental focus
Consult also “Benefits of Yoga”

I am not flexible, why IS yoga good for me?

You practice yoga to become more flexible. By practicing regularly you will see a positive effect on your mind too.

I suffer from frequent back pain; why should I practice PRENATAL yoga?

Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, a smartly taught yoga class may help you alleviate back problems (and many other issues too).
During your maternity, back pain is mostly caused by the growing life in you and the weight that adds over the weeks and months. Back pain may also be caused by tight hips from long seated postures.

Practice regulary and yoga helps you reinforce the back muscles and stretch the spinal column.

Conclusion: attending the prenatal yoga classes regularly is the key for a healthy back!

Do you also teach in English?

All of our staff are fluent in English and several teachers are of English mother tongue. To give you maximum comfort, all yoga classes at INNERCITYOGA are taught in English and French. Currently INNERCITYOGA welcomes yoga students from over 74 nations!

Am I allowed to practice inversions during pregnancy?

Each woman experiences pregnancy differently. If you had a regular yoga practice before your pregnancy, you might enjoy an inversion or two.  Always consult with your yoga teacher.

What do you mean by “practicing regularly”?

Practice at least once weekly.
Even better is to practice two times weekly or more often.
Make sure to arrange time for yourself, for your yoga and you will improve greatly both physically and mentally.

Do the Prenatal Yoga Classes at INNERCITYOGA replace the Preparation for Delivery course?

These are two different areas, we offer Prenatal Yoga Classes. The preparation for delivery courses are hosted by your midwife or doula.

Do I need to SUBMIT my doctor’s certificate of aptitude WITH myregistration?

Please consult your doctor first before registering for the Prenatal Yoga sessions. We do not need your doctor’s certificate when everything is going fine with your pregnancy.

Do I need to know sanskrit terms?

No. The Sanskrit language is old as humanity and mostly used for philosophical texts and liturgical chants (mantras). As you probably have a busy life we translate sanskrit terms during class for you.


Is yoga a religion or a sect?

No. Yoga is a philosophical discipline that encompasses also the physical and mental aspects. All yoga classes taught at INNERCITYOGA are non-dogmatic and freed from esoteric connotations.

Additionnally, INNERCITYOGA is a neutral, safe haven of peace where all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religious beliefs coexist and practice yoga while breathing the same air.

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