Stay fit during your pregnancy with INNERCITYOGA's popular Prenatal Yoga classes.

Over 1500 expecting moms-to-be have found balance and strength with studio founder Ioana Pop's prenatal yoga program. Taking care of yourself and your blooming body allows you to live your pregnancy more easily and relaxed. You will recenter your body and mind during maternity and specially to connect with your baby. These specialty yoga sessions always benefit the best natural placement of the baby in your body and offer a harmonious exercise for you.

Prenatal Yoga for all trimesters

Move freely during all trimesters of your pregnancy. Under the expert guidance of your teacher, you will enjoy smartly sequenced yoga classes. Your teacher will adapt the practice for the different trimesters with modifications in all postures. Continue your regular yoga practice during your pregnancy, but the prenatal yoga sessions also suit active, sporty women with no prior yoga experience.

Join other expecting moms for your yoga

Connect with other expectant mothers in Geneva's leading yoga studio. Your pregnancy is the beginning of an incredible journey, a unique gift nature holds for you and which only you may sense fully. As an expectant mother you will enjoy exchanging your experience and bonding with other women.

APPROVED BY the clinic director and Midwives

To offer the best prenatal yoga program possible at INNERCITYOGA in Geneva, Ioana Pop consulted with the clinic director of the famous Clinique Générale de Beaulieu as well as several midwives.