Prenatal Yoga Video at home

Practice yoga during your pregnancy with this video “Prenatal Yoga for Active Moms-to-be” by INNERCITYOGA founder Ioana Pop. Filmed when she herself was pregnant with her daughter Stella, it features a full routine for all trimesters of your pregnancy.

Taking care of yourself and your blooming body allows you to live pregnancy more easily and more relaxed, to recenter your body and mind and to connect with your baby. The video allows you move freely during your pregnancy and always benefits the best natural placement of the baby in your body.

Before filming the sequence, Ioana Pop had consulted with several midwives and the Director of Obstetrics at the Clinique Générale de Beaulieu in Genève / Geneva.

Is this Prenatal Yoga video for me?

This program is intended for yoginis who have an ongoing yoga practice and who are familiar with the basic postures. Take your pregnancy serenely and make time for a daily yoga practice at home, complementing your weekly prenatal yoga classes at the studio.

Please note that this program does not replace the preparation for delivery.
Always consult your doctor first when undertaking any physical exercises.

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