Sunrise yoga in geneva

Start your day well and salute the sun with the bi-weekly Sunrise early morning classes before work. Enjoy the unique benefits of practicing yoga at INNERCITYOGA in Geneva.

I love my Sunrise Yoga classes! I’m completely in tune after class with my day and work.
Innercityoga offers a wonderful space to truly wake up in; with all senses.
It’s not always easy to get up and going for the 7am class, but so worth it.

I miss it when (rarely) I cannot attend.⠀
The teachers are an inspiration and my practice deepens with every class: coming from a word they said; a breath accentuated, a simple touch for a better alignment. No judgement, calm and with many a smile!
Definitely the place to be for a bright, early start!
In Breath, Namaste…
— Joke D.

Sunrise Yoga benefits your body and mind.

Can you imagine anything better than starting smoothly into your busy day? In the Sunrise Yoga classes your friendly and knowledgeable teachers guide you through a complete routine warming up your body. WIth an open body and a balanced mind, after the morning yoga you will be so much better prepared for the tasks to come.

INNERCITYOGA provides the ideal sunrise yoga environment

As for all classes, enjoy the unique full-service yoga experience provided by INNERCITYOGA offering numerous complimentary amenities.



On sunny mornings throughout spring, summer and early autumn, Sunrise Yoga classes may take place on the large outdoor deck. It is a wonderful experience to wake up mind and body in a peaceful setting near Rive in Geneva.


New Client Special for Sunrise Yoga


Valid for all regular classes
Valid 1 month
1 offer per new client

Am I eligible for the New Client Special?
You are eligible for the New Client Special if you have never been to INNERCITYOGA or not been active in the past 2 years.



Valid 4 months, Valid for*
Tuesday 07.00-08-00 Sunrise
Tuesday 09.30-10.45 Slow Flow
Tuesday 18.10-19.10 Basics
Thursday 07.00-08-00 Sunrise
Thursday 09.30-010.45 Slow Flow
Thursday 19.45-20.45 Basics
Friday 18.15-19.30 YinYang
Saturday 9.15-10.30 Slow Flow
*Certain classes may not take place during school holidays, please consult the schedule

Can I renew the Sunrise / Off-Peak class card?
Yes! We have many yoga students who enjoy their Sunrise classes and keep renewing their class cards.

Consult also the regular rates if you plan to attend more classes.

Morning Sunrise Yoga Classes at the best Studio in Geneve / Geneva INNERCITYOGA.png

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sunrise Yoga Classes at INNERCITYOGA:

Questions about Sunrise Yoga? We are here for you. *
Questions about Sunrise Yoga? We are here for you.
Phone *

Do I need to register prior to my first Sunrise yoga class?
Unless indicated differently, no reservation is needed for Sunrise Yoga Classes. Simply arrive 10-15 minutes before your first class to complete and settle the registration. This gives you time to ask your teacher any questions.

Do I need to book the Sunrise Yoga classes for a predefined period?
At INNERCITYOGA we like offering a flexible program. If not indicated differently, you may start anytime with the Sunrise Yoga classes. As long as you remain within the validity period of your class card you may attend the Sunrise classes at your convenience.

I will be missing a class. Can I make it up?
At INNERCITYOGA there is no real missing out on the Sunrise Yoga classes. Simply attend the Sunrise Yoga classes at your convenience within the validity dates of your class card.

What do I need to bring?
Simply bring a small sweat towel to place your hands and head on and your sports clothes (no shoes!). We suggest leggings or shorts and a sports top or a comfy, yet tight T-Shirt.

What material does INNERCITYOGA provide?
INNERCITYOGA is a full service studio offering the finest facilities. You will find complementary yogamats and props for class, changing rooms with individual lockers, large  individual showers with organic showergels, one complimentary large towel for drying off.

I am not flexible. Can I attend the Sunrise Yoga?
Practice yoga to increase your flexibility! And do practice frequently, ideally at least 2 times weekly.

I fear that I don't have any yogic qualities. May I attend the Sunrise Yoga?
Simply show up! Yoga is appropriate for anyone. No need to be particularly flexible or be able to quiet the mind. Remind yourself that we all were beginners.

My doctor recommends I do yoga. Is that ok?
Most yoga students started with yoga because of increased stress levels, a certain body condition (like back pain) or overall stiffness. If you suffer from an existing condition, please make sure that your treating doctor is ok with a physical yoga practice. When in doubt, contact us  prior to your first class. Please inform your teacher of any issues before class.

I speak only English. Can I attend the Sunrise Yoga?
As you can see, the entire website is in English. INNERCITYOGA is known to be the original expat yoga studio in Geneva with yoga students joining from over 70 nations. All classes are taught in perfect English with some basic instruction in French. Learn more about Expats' Yoga in Geneva