Meet the Team at INNERCITYOGA

At INNERCITYOGA we know about the importance of a blissful yoga experience. That is whay we carefully handpick our staff members, be it teachers, frontdesk personnel or our cleaner. To offer a continuity in all classes, most yoga instructors at the studio have graduated from INNERCITYOGA's Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Ioana / INNERCITYOGA® studio founder


Ioana is the founder and CEO of INNERCITYOGA since 2002.
Ioana started practing yoga as a child and in 2002 founded INNERCITYOGA, at a time when yoga was not yet popular.
She coined the term Deep Flow Yoga and together with Patric has created the Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

Ioana has had the good fortune to study extensively with some of the world's most respected yoga masters in different lineages in the traditional 1 on 1 guru-student setting, including Senior Iyengar teacher Patricia Walden, Judith Hanson Lasater, Cyndi Lee, Ashtangi David Swenson, Doug Swenson or direct disciples of Krishnamacharya, Mark Whitwell and Srivatsa Ramaswami. Among others her mentors are Annie Carpenter, Bryan Kest and the late Larry Schultz. At this moment, Ioana studies extensively with Chad Hamrin, who is also the lead teacher in the advanced RYS-300 Deep Flow Yoga Training. Ioana also practices Vipassana and deepens her study of meditation in Vedanta centers.

You find the essence of all this knowledge acquired over the past 20+ years within her smartly sequenced classes, be it Vinyasa, traditional Hatha Yoga, Poweryoga or Yin Yoga. Ioana is known for her popular video series for Swiss Femina Magazine and also for her prenatal yoga. When she was 34 weeks pregnant she filmed her DVD “Prenatal Yoga for Active Moms-to-be” and has been accompanying over 1500 expecting women through their pregnancy.
Ioana teaches in English and French.

Fun Fact: Ioana is fluent in 8 languages!

The team at the leading yoga studio in Geneve / Geneva INNERCITYOGA is passionate about their work


Patric Pop by his professional colleague Olli Tumelius, Sunset in Los Angeles.

Patric Pop by his professional colleague Olli Tumelius, Sunset in Los Angeles.

Patric is co-founder of the studio and since 2008 the managing director of INNERCITYOGA. With his background as an award-winning creative director in the communication industry, Patric brings a playful twist to his hearty yoga classes. After taking his very first yoga class in 1992, he was confronted with a love and hate relationship with yoga. He instinctively knew that yoga would help heal his major back problems and stress-related symptons after spending long hours and too many white-nights at work. But he never befriended the slow stretching-focused classes offered back then - as he was not ready for it. Finally, Patric got hooked on yoga, when taking Bryan Kest's Poweryoga classes and has been a steady practicioner ever since.
Over the past 15 years, Patric has had the chance to study with many wonderful master teachers of the first-generation modern yoga, bringing this knowledge to smartly guide his students through a safe, yet challenging sequence. His main yoga mentors include Annie Carpenter, Bryan Kest, Chad Hamrin, Cindy Lee, David Swenson and the late Larry Schultz.
Besides running the yoga studio, Patric has become the go-to professional photographer for Headshot / Business Portraits specialist in Geneva. He has been handpicked by Peter Hurley, the world's reference in this niche, as his Geneva associate. INNERCITYOGA members get a discount at this photostudio.
Patric teaches in English, French and German.

Fun fact: A coffee afficionado for many years, Patric stopped drinking coffee in summer of the 2013 and has never touched a drop of the devil's brew since!

Love Your Yoga Teacher in Geneve / Geneva at INNERCITYOGA


Frank is a pillar of INNERCITYOGA who has been teaching at the studio ever since the opening day. He practiced Martial arts for many years and naturally was attracted to yoga. His various interests got him to explore different yoga styles across the years and he combines his experiences in his classes.
Frank teaches in French, but is fully fluent in English, too.

Fun fact: Frank used to play in a band when vinyl was king!

Yoga Teachers at the leading studio in Geneva / Geneve INNERCITYOGA


INNERCITYOGA Yoga Teacher Amy photographed by Patric Pop Photo in Geneva / Genève

A long-time yoga practicioner, Amy graduated 7 years ago from the first RYS-200 hours teacher training that took place at INNERCITYOGA. Since then, Amy has been an avid student of yoga, taking workshops and immersions and graduating from the advanced RYS-300 hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training. With her analytical mind and long experience as a school teacher, she decomposes each asana and builds smart and safe sequences for her students.
Whatever she learns from the movements and transitions in yoga, she translates into her other passion, swing dancing, where she keeps on winning first prizes. Together with her husband she teaches Balboa and Lindy Hop in Geneva. She is an award winning dancer who often places top ranks in competitions.   
Amy teaches in English, but is happy to help you in French, too.

Fun Facts: Amy is a middle school Maths teacher, but has a degree in Visual Arts. She also spent her summer learning French at the University to better serve her students!

The learning curve as a yoga teacher at INNERCITYOGA in Geneve / Geneva


South-African born Chené joined the INNERCITYOGA team in 2016 after arriving with her family from Berlin, Paris and London. She received her 200-hour foundation training in England and followed up with the RYS-300 hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training by INNERCITYOGA in Geneva and and 40 hours of power yoga training with Bryan Kest in Germany.  Her classes– a combination of vinyasa flow and power yoga – are accessible to all, but challenging.  She’s not into acro-yoga or perfection, but believes a yoga class should be a good workout, a chance to quiet your mind and should always leave you feeling good about yourself.  
Chené teaches in English, but is also fluent in French.

Fun fact:  Chené runs a blog with a friend, which is aimed at celebrating the wonderful things Geneva has to offer.

Yoga Teachers Certified by Yoga Alliance at INNERCITYOGA in Geneva / Genève


Geneva born Estelle joined the studio in 2017 after spending many years abroad. She completed her foundational training at the well respected Balance Yoga studio in Frankfurt. Her friendly and bubbly nature creates a welcoming atmosphere for her students.
Estelle teaches in English, French and German.

Fun fact: 

Yoga and Meditation in Genève / Geneva at INNERCITYOGA


“Back in my younger years I was an actor in Los Angeles. Feeling indestructible as youths often do, I foolishly got myself into not one, but two motorcycle accidents. Fortunately, I found Bryan Kest's Power Yoga studio and spent 12 years following his style and teachings to help me in my recovery. I began my teacher training journey with Eric Schiffman, another well known California yoga teacher who really instilled in me the trust of your intuition to guide you in your practice. I arrived in Geneva in 2009 to begin my family life of raising my two beautiful kids with my lovely Dutch wife. Here I found the wonderful teacher training program provided by Ioana and Patric and taught by Joan Hyman here at Innercityoga.
When teaching I try to be true to myself and my background by keeping with the laid-back but vibrant California style with which I was trained.”
Joe teaches in English, but is also fluent in French.

Fun fact: Joe used to do some stand-up comedy back in L.A. so he loves to make people laugh!

Lurdes maintains INNERCITYOGA spotless and offers the perfectly clean yoga studio in Geneva / Genève


Lurdes is almost part of the family. For almost 15 years, she has been in charge of keeping the studio spotless and, honestly we think she deserves a medal for her consistently perfect work!

Fun fact: Lurdes loves cruise ships and has travelled to every island in the mediterranean sea!

Bringing the knowledge from yoga masters around the world to Geneva / Genève at INNERCITYOGA

Corporate Yoga Teachers

INNERCITYOGA employs also freelance yoga instructors who teach exclusively corporate classes on location in different companies in Geneva and surroundings.