Testimonials about the Prenatal Yoga CLASSES

Taking care of yourself with prenatal yoga during your pregnancy allows you to experience pregnancy more easily and more relaxed.

Each new mom that comes back to us with glowing testimonials praising INNERCITYOGA's antenatal yoga in Genève / Geneva, makes us happy!  Read here about other moms' experiences while they were pregnant.

« In the past 7 years I have had three children and during each pregnancy followed Ioana’s prenatal course until the day of delivery.

It was refreshing to find an instructor who didn’t treat pregnant women as fragile creatures with a bad back but as someone nearing a challenge and needing proper training and toned muscles (and mind!) to face it. She follows you through the course in a kind, knowledgeable and charming way which makes you want to go to the class even after the most stressful days.

If I were asked for one advice to pregnant women, it would be “keep moving” in order to have a better pregnancy, easier birth and faster recovery. Innercityoga’s course is the perfect way of doing that.
— Allona G.

Dearest Ioana

I just wanted to let you know that baby Matteo arrived last Sunday (on the full moon!) as promised.
It was a lightening fast delivery […]

I also wanted to send my deepest thanks for all your amazing guidance and support through this pregnancy. I am so grateful that the past nine months, the birth and the baby have been so healthy and happy - and I also know that much of this is thanks to what I learned and practiced with you each week.

I hope to be back soon after my six week check-up. In the meantime, here’s a photo of what was hiding under that massive bump ;)

Huge huge thanks and warmest regards
— Maria P.
This is to introduce you to Tara, born on 23 Oct :-)

And to say thank you, specially to Ioana, for the wonderful prenatal classes! They were among the special moments of my pregnancy and did me a lot of good, until the very last week before delivery!

I ended up with induced labour on my due date that finally ended in a c-section.. but it all went well. And thank you to Patric for a great class yesterday, to get me restarted with yoga! I did not get a chance to say that after class yesterday.

I look forward to getting back to regular classes slowly.
— Parijat B.
Dear Ioana,
I’d like to tell that I really enjoyed Friday’s class. I woke that day not in a great mood and with a headache and by the end of the class the headache had gone and my spirits had lifted.
I really enjoyed the rest of the day - so thank you.
C u wednesday
— Tala xx