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INNERCITYOGA is often recommended among the best yoga studios in Geneva / Geneve and of the leading centres in Switzerland and internationally. Happy yoga students praise the quality of the daily classes and the teaching staff. Discover for yourself why clients, present and past, send us fabulous testimonials and five stars reviews.

Five-stars testimonial on Google *****

When I moved to Geneva last spring, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a yoga studio similar to the ones I had practiced at in both Los Angeles and London. Boy, was I wrong!
Innercityoga is a wonderful space that fosters beautiful practices. The studio is a refuge – bright, full of light, extremely clean, and they provided mats.
I primarily went to Patric’s classes and they were just as good if not better than the classes that I was used to in cities where yoga was more prevalent. The music was always a nice balance of motivational and calming, and though there was a range of levels in the classes, Patric always struck a good balance. He has a great ability to spot how you can improve your asanas just by small tweaks and adjustments – many teachers don’t do adjustments and the like in big classes so this was much appreciated and something I loved about the class. Additionally, it was awesome that the class was taught in both English and French! They also always have top-notch guest teachers (e.g. Bryan Kest, and Joan Hyman) and a teacher training program. I highly recommend the studio, and was sad to leave Geneva and no longer be able to practice here!
– Joy C. –


Needless to say that Innercityoga is one of the best yoga studios I've been to. It is with Patric that I have taken my first yoga class back in 2008, and he has sparked my love for yoga ever since. Every chance I get to be back in Geneva I extend a little visit to Innercityoga. Great teachers, great place, laughters, sweats, friends, and experiences. Recommend to all Yogis out there.

– Emilie G. –


5 Stars review on Facebook

Great Location, fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff & very clean!
Patrick is an excellent yoga instructor!

– Susan D. – 

This must be the most beautiful yoga studio I have ever seen! The atmosphere was so relaxed from the moment I walked through the door. It is perfectly placed in the center of Geneva and it was only a 2 minutes walk from the parking du Mont-Blanc. Great classes and very attentive teachers. I definitively recommend Innercityoga.
– A google user giving 5 stars review on Google


The best place for yoga in Geneva and one of the best worldwide!
I'vd been trying many yoga classes around the world : Paris, Dubai, NY...and my favorite spot is Innercityoga in Geneva!
That's where I started yoga more than 10 years ago...and that's where I like to come back most : for the quality of the teachers, the spirit, the place, the open mindedness...
How to link a good workout, a touch of spiritualism and a lot of humour :-)

I love you and miss you guys!
Please don't change anything!

– Juliette C. –

— Finally, my yoga studio is: Innercity yoga: innercityoga.com. They have a new student deal where you get the first three classes for a discounted price, and they provide towels, mats and a very nice changing area. Patric is GORGEOUS and a wonderful teacher, and his wife Ioana is one of the most beautiful yoga practitioners I have ever seen. She looks like a gazelle doing yoga bc she is that graceful and lean. They are lovely, lovely people.
– Abby on binksandthebadhousewife.com



Innercityoga is not only an extremely beautiful studio, the teachers are absolutely fantastic too. They offer so many different classes one better than the other. Definitely the only yoga studio to go to when in Geneva!
– Odyssia H. –

A glowing feedback from one of our expecting moms in the Prenatal Yoga Sessions:

Dear Ioana
Id like to tell that I really enjoyed Fridays class. I woke that day not in a great mood and with a headache and by the end of the class the headache had gone and my spirits had lifted. I really enjoyed the rest of the day- so thank you.
C u wednesday
Tala xx


Iaona, Patric you made it great at innercityoga a peaceful cocoon.
International teachers /teaching make mind and body fly away the time of the class. It s a kind of magic : )
– Marion H. – 

Five-stars review on Google ***** 

INNERCITYOGA is a beautifully calm and relaxing yoga studio with some of the best teachers I’ve ever come across. The studio offers a wide range of Hatha-style classes, including my favourite – the power music flow – of which it’s reputation around Geneva precedes it! Their teaching style accommodates all with strong and disciplined practice for seasoned yogis as well as simplified techniques and courses for beginners. The teachers – and in particular the owners, Patric and Ioana – are warm, sunny and fun practitioners who are dedicated to sharing the best yoga has to offer. I practised yoga here for 5 years until I left Geneva and I highly recommend it!!
– Kerryn L. –


Seriously the best yoga studio in Switzerland. A beautiful space with highly experienced teachers, and a vibrant community.

Big name yoga rock stars visit every year for workshops. Joining Innercity as a member when I first arrived in Geneva was the best thing I ever did. Thanks Patric and Ioana!

– D. W. –

Five-stars testimonial on Glocals *****

I still miss Innercityoga. This beautiful studio brings in amazing guest teachers for workshops to complement its core teachers who are just great. Highly recommended.
– Evie M. – 

“Hi Innercityoga team,
Just a quick note to Patric to say thanks so much for being such a patient, kind and also fun teacher during the beginners course. I really enjoyed it even though I am certainly not a natural yogini! …”
– Rebecca D. –

When I was living in Geneva, I religiously went to Innercityoga because I enjoyed the different styles of all the instructors found peace of mind and was able to drastically improve my capabilities. If I ever go back to Geneva I will def. go back to the studio as one feels always welcome and part of a real community and I am grateful for that.
– Sandrine S. – 


Great five stars testimonial on Facebook

I followed classes at Innercityoga for more than 4 years. Excellent instructors and workshops!

Innercityoga is like that place you create in your mind to feel good and visualize your self calm and happy.
Now that I've been living abroad, when I practice yoga, during my savasana I try to come back to that place and how I felt there ... Calm, happy, relaxed and at home ...
I miss the studio, the teachers and the community ;)
Well done Ioana and Patric you have one of the best studios in Switzerland and I could say also in the world!!!
Mucho love!!!
– Irene L. –

Innercityoga was a refuge for me. During my seven years in Geneva, I was able to consistently rely on Patric and Ioana to provide top quality classes, incorporating all of the most advanced knowledge and trends in yoga, along with all of the equipment one might need (mats, towels, showers). Classes are taught by friendly and knowledgable instructors in English (with French thrown in for non Anglophones). I will greatly miss this place.

– Desiree L. –

Fabulous five stars review on Google!

Five Stars Review on Yelp

Beautiful, bright space featuring more than 5 different yoga classes each day. The classes are conducted in French and English and led by friendly, non intimidating instructors who adjust frequently. The studio provides mats, towels and a full locker room featuring showers, lockers with locks and a sauna!
I highly recommend the Tuesday night music yoga. It's not for beginners but so wonderful!
– Ashley D. –

The best way to escape the hectic everyday life for me is to take the elevator up to heaven...Above the roofs of Geneva I love the flow and the intensity of the postures. I especially like Patric's classes and his music. Definitely one of my best yoga experiences in Switzerland.
– Alexander D. –

– JULIE C. –


Top Feedback for INNERCITYOGA in Geneve / Geneva mentioning offering the BEST classes.

5 Stars Review on Facebook

Best yoga studio I've tried, great teachers and lots of interesting workshops, highly recommended to anyone from beginners to advanced yoga !

– Ramona C. –

Five-stars testimonial on Facebook

Always happy to come back at Innercityoga, who initiated me to the practice about 12 years ago... and became friends for life!
From my point of view the most welcoming and dynamic yoga place for a broad experience of various yoga styles in Geneva. Always on top, offering also access to amazing visiting teachers from around the world. They understand everyone's limits and teach respectfully, you won't feel pressure here. Noteworthy, for those who tested centers in other countries and cities, this one is clean and offers towels upon request! Thanks Ioana & Patric and congrats to keep the good mood and strive to improve the experience for more than a decade!
– Aurèle S. –

Happy New Year!  First of all, I have to say that I miss my yoga with you guys!  I´m now living in London and I just haven´t managed to find an equivalent yet. …”
– Helene D. –

Five-stars testimonial on Glocals ***** 

“Beautiful yoga-home away from home! Patric, Ioana and the whole team at Innercityoga have created a lovely yoga community in Geneva. All teachers are excellent!! Classes are taught in English and French and are designed for different levels.”
– M.S. –

When in Geneva - its the only place to go! Caring and very knowledgeable staff. I travel a lot for work and yoga, and InnerCityYoga ranks among the best studios I have visited.
– Sarah R. –

Five-stars Review on Facebook *****

I love my Sunrise Yoga classes! I'm completely in tune after class with my day and work. Innercityoga offers a wonderful space to truly wake up in; with all senses. It's not always easy to get up and going for the 7am class, but so worth it. I miss it when (rarely) I cannot attend.
The teachers are an inspiration and my practice deepens with every class: coming from a word they said; a breath accentuated, a simple touch for a better alignment. No judgement, calm and with many a smile! Definitely the place to be for a bright, early start! In Breath, Namaste...
– Joke D. –

Happy to have renewed my membership.
Very good restorative class with Amy yesterday evening.

Best wishes for 2017 to Ioana, Patric, and the Innercityoga teachers.
– Mary O. –

“… J’en profite pour te remercier également pour ces cours.
J’ai vraiment apprécié car l’ambiance était effectivement détendue et conviviale et l’apprentissage quand même assez poussé (ayant fait du yoga dans une association il y a plusieurs années, nous étions arrivés au maximum à la « Salutation au soleil »). J’ai d’ailleurs eu de « sacrés »  courbatures après le dernier cours.
Bref encore merci et j’espère vous rejoindre courant de l’été ou septembre (avant c’est cours d’Anglais et Vacances). ☺…”
– Virginie R. –


Been practicing at Innercityoga for a couple of years now and It has been a truly great journey. Not only have I made good friends there, with the guidance and inspiration from Patrick, Ioana and all other teachers, I have seen clear improvements in my practice and my wellbeing in life. Thank you guys and keep it going for another 10 years!
– Luis G. –

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