Graduates of INNERCITYOGA's professional teacher trainings praise the programs and the content. 

« This teacher training took my practice and interest in yoga to a new level! I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding - even if you never envision teaching. Yoga is a beautiful lifetime practice and teacher training is a great investment in one’s self. The impact is profound. »
— S. N.

« The yoga teacher training by Innercityoga Genève is a wonderful experience! I warmly recommend the training and the center. The training was intensive, but in a good way.
The content of the course is very well structured, it really covers all the broader aspects of the philosophy of yoga. And Joan brings in, in a very intelligent manner and in her own way, the spiritual parts of yoga. There is a lot of self study, but I always felt confident to be provided with everything needed to achieve the training.

It was an amazing experience to practice so intensively, it is a real detox experience, but It felt so good at the end. I felt my body change, get stronger everyday, it is a real spiritual and mental shift!
The amount of information absorbed is amazing, but Joan leaves no student behind, she is rigorous, generous in the way she teaches. She is able to adapt to the level of each student. Joan were attentive to each student and to the physical and spiritual changes that were happening to each of us!
Definitely, the teacher training is a life changing experience!

I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to teach, or deepen his yoga practice, or simply shift his perspectives! Thank you all: Joan, Ioana, Patric for this wonderful experience, and for your engagement and generosity! »
– K. T. RYS-200 Graduate

This was an excellent and well thought out and well rounded training program. The teachers were from very different backgrounds and provided us with a thorough yoga education in all of its aspects. I would recommend this training to anyone who has completed a 200 Hour training program.
— Jennifer P. Graduate of the RYS-200 and the RYS-300 Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training by INNERCITYOGA Geneva

« From the first moment, when I entered the INNERCITYOGA studio, I felt well and at the right place. I came to Geneva in order to take one class with studio founders Ioana and Patric Pop, thereby to evaluate my level of understanding of yoga, because I had the intention to graduate the 200h YTT.

During my Teacher Training in the summer and autumn 2015, this great feeling of being well supported by the whole INNERCITYOGA team, especially by the founders Ioana and Patric and by the assistant Charlotte, have been very motivating all the time.

All in all: a wonderful and great teacher - Joan Hyman, a warm welcome and excellent support by the INNERCITYOGA team and a top infrastructure as additional highlight. For my practice and life as Yogi and Yoga Teacher an inspiring and shining example. Keep it, I'm sure you're on the right path. And... it will be with great pleasure that I will apply for the 300h Yoga Teacher Training at INNERCITYOGA. »

Monika S. – RYS-200 Graduate

Innercityoga YTT300 offered a unique opportunity to learn from incredible teachers with very diverse approaches - Chad Hamrin, Joan Hyman, Marc Holzman, Carlos Pomeda with his indepth studies of yoga philosophy and meditation, not to mention the Innercityoga founders themselves Patric and Ioana Pop.
I would highly recommend this program.
— Elena A. Graduate of the RYS-300 Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training by INNERCITYOGA

When I got the chance at INNERCITYOGA to continue and deepen my studies with the advanced 300-hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training - certified by Yoga Alliance - I did not hesitate any moment. Although Baden and Geneva are approximately 270 km away, which requires long travel time and overnight stays, it was really worth it.

The studio itself offers a high quality standard and a lot of comfort: well-kept reception with refreshments in the lounge, comfortable changing/showering facilities, yoga mats and props - a studio atmosphere that fits perfectly, offering at all time an appropriate support.

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Teachers: absolute specialists in their field for the 300 hours Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training!

JOAN HYMAN ERYT500: Her love for Ashtanga yoga and her comprehensive instruction of safe alignment in the Iyengar tradition helped me deepen my practice in all dimensions: body, mind and spirit. (Deeper meditation, subtle body and yoga philosophy studies). I could intensify my self-awareness as well as the awareness of my students actual situation, their needs and how to give them maximal support. Additionally Joan Hyman could deepen my teaching of vinyasa flow and advanced asana as well as practicing appropriate hands-on adjustments.

The Lead Teacher Trainer CHAD HAMRIN ERYT500 offered an experience of having been teaching yoga for the past 40 years. What a highly skilled bodyworker with his extensive experience in kinesiology, polarity, reiki…! All these facets, together in a concentrated charge, offered me a practice and training allowing me to explore my borders and also sharpen my view regarding my teacher activity. A safe base to teach advanced asanas and practicing hands-on-adjustments giving me the certitude being on the right path.

MARC HOLZMAN, certified in 2006 in the Anusara style which he has since evolved from embedding vinyasa and iyengar into his teaching of Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation. The access to this - for myself a new style - of Yoga, connected to Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation gave me more variety in my own self-practice and was a great sustainable inspiration for my further teacher training. I always will remind especially the link to a fullness of practice with deep gratitude, a lot of health aspects off-the-mat and laughter.

CARLOS POMEDA - his profound experience of practicing the yoga tradition for 36 years, the 18 years he did spend as a monk of the Saraswati order in India, studying and practicing under Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda - a great bouquet of experience, traditional training with an academic background that offered new insight to Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama.

IOANA POP RYT500, the founder and CEO of INNERCITYOGA since 2002. Her smart sequencing in her classes as well as assistance and modifications in restorative yoga, yin yoga and mainly prenatal yoga could convey a feeling of safer teaching and being more sure in contact with beginners, elder students or students being pregnant or needing more restorative practice.

PATRIC POP as cofounder and managing director of INNERCITYOGA since 2008 is not only an example as humorous and intense-class teacher, but also he gave me a real support regarding the understanding of the business of Yoga and to establish my own Yoga-Professionalism.

All in all a great experience and a dedicated study and apprenticeship that really could help me to take bounding strides on my path to hone my unique teaching style and voice. From the first moment, when I entered the INNERCITYOGA studio, I felt well and at the right place.

I always will recommend INNERCITYOGA and the Team of highly qualified Teacher Trainers for this advanced 300-hours Teacher Training. For my practice and life as Yogi and Yoga Teacher an inspiring and shining example.
Thank you all!

– Monika S.
Graduate of the RYS-200 and the RYS-300 Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training by INNERCITYOGA

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