Welcome to innercityoga

When I opened the studio in 2002, my vision was to offer a warm and welcoming place where students of yoga of all backgrounds would be able to discover, evolve and deepen their practice.

After years of teaching in cold gyms under aggressive fluorescent lights and some shady, smelly and stuffy places, the concept of INNERCITYOGA felt like heaven. Providing a shelter in the middle of the city equipped with all amenities to making your life easier.

I like clear design aesthetics, cleanliness and attention to details.

To complete my vision, I had the same company design and furnish the studio as I use in my living room.
You could say, INNERCITYOGA is the extension of my living room!
That is also why the team and I feel so comfortable welcoming you to the studio.

And my principles apply also to all yoga classes:
At INNERCITYOGA we focus on correct alignment. The attention to the tiniest details makes your practice so much deeper! Clean and precise teaching is the answer to all your body’s issues.

Goat yoga? Paddleboard yoga? Beer yoga?
In a time where yoga studios pop up at every corner, there is no shortage of new, so called, yoga styles. These are all fun, superficial leisure activities. But you will probably agree with me that none of these can be considered yoga.


Hey, I don’t do superficial. It is all about investing time and energy in the real thing and not wasting Any time.

Over the past 16 years we have been refining our teaching skills through constant education with a few of the world’s best known yoga masters. I don't know vacations; all of my spare time is invested in constant education and advanced teacher trainings. But I know that my daily practice and training are well invested in making me a better teacher.

Finally, remember that you can deepen your yoga only when you step on your mat!
So, go ahead and schedule your me-time in your agenda for your daily or weekly classes.               


Ioana Pop