YOGA for athletes in GENEVA

Did you know that many world-class athletes incorporate yoga into their cross-training routine? At INNERCITYOGA we have been helping amateur and elite athletes of all disciplines to find balance for their bodies.


Your body will thank you for adding yoga to your training plan.

You heard about the many benefits of practicing yoga. Yet, did you know that many athletes, world champions and medal winners at the Olympic games take care of their bodies through yoga? And that meditation gives them the extra edge to gain advantage over their competition?

Yoga has been popularized since 2006 when Juergen Klinsman started integrating yoga as an essential training element for the German Football team “Die Mannschaft”. It took a moment, but in 2014 they became world champions.
Other famous athletes are the New York Giants football team who included yoga to win the Superbowl in 2012. Even basketball players such as Lebron James or Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki and teammates look forward to their yoga practice. Even the world's best rugby team, the New Zealand All Blacks include yoga in their pre-game practice to get grounded, calm and focused!

At INNERCITYOGA we have had the pleasure to welcome top athletes of all disciplines looking for balance in their bodies. Professional hockey players, equestrian horse riders, professional ballet dancers and world renowned choreographers frequent the yoga classes, just as an apnea freediving champion, or the women’s multiple World Champion in waterskiing.

Yoga for Runners

You fight for over 10 kilometers, semi-marathons or entire 42'195 meters, yet, you stretch only for 30 seconds?
Show your body some love by taking care of those tight hamstrings, stiff hips, even permanent tightness in the back.
At INNERCITYOGA you will find a varied mix of yoga classes that combine your request for working on those tight spots with a focus on cardiovascular endurance. You will be so much better prepared for the next Geneva Marathon and the Escalade race!

Yoga Studio in Geneva INNERCITYOGA for Athletes Running Jogging Marathon

Yoga for Cyclists

Your hip flexors get tight on the bike. Actually, most cyclists feel tight in the hips and lower back at work in a seated position. Prepare your next bike ride with yoga. Or at least come to see us after your attempt to race the Tour de Suisse or Tour de France!

Yoga for cyclists and bike racers in Geneva at INNERCITYOGA studio

Yoga for Skiers

Skiing is one of Switzerland's most popular sports. Out of 1.7 million active Swiss ski enthusiasts each year, 67'000 skiers and 18'000 snowboarders need medical treatment after an injury on the slopes. Accordingly to the Swiss Society for Sports Medicine, one of the main risk factors for injuries in skiing and snowboarding is the “Lack of physical fitness and balance”. In all of the asana based yoga classes, you learn to improve your balance and bring your body into the best shape to enjoy a long, joyful winter season. After a long weekend of powdery slopes, join one of the many yoga classes at INNERCITYOGA to open up your tight spots.

Yoga classes for lovers of ski and snowboard in Geneva at INNERCITYOGA

Yoga for Golfers

Finding the perfect swing is the holy grail for golfers. With a regular yoga practice you will improve your game. You will find a perfectly balanced address setting up your stance, a smooth spinal rotation during your backswing and relaxed shoulders during the downswing. With the perfect preparation you will impact the ball harder and perform better. Besides the physical advantages, yoga helps you prepare for the mental strength. As Rory McIlroy says: “I'd say at least 60% of this game is mental, and if you can overcome the mental challenge it makes the physical much easier.”

I am the only one of my golf club’s age group having improved my game,
thanks to my regular weekly yoga practice at INNERCITYOGA.
— Anika J.
Yoga for golf players in Geneva / Geneve at INNERCITYOGA studio

Yoga for Tennis players

Volley, slice, match point! As a tennis player you love this fast game of playing with precision, power, and the intelligence to win your match. Even more so than golfing, tennis puts a great asymmetrical force on your body. Think of Rafael Nadal whose upper body is totally imbalanced (and who does not practice yoga). After a game, you will experience tight shoulders and lower back issues. Now is the time to attend a good yoga class offering a profound stretching of the hip flexors. Outside of the court, even Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are yogis. Interestingly, Roger Federer doesn't seem to practice yoga. But rest assured that we are ready for when he calls… ; )

Yoga for tennis players in Geneva / Geneve at INNERCITYOGA studio


You probably are hooked on the intensity, speed, and explosive energy of CrossFit workouts. Whereas some see in the new sports trend a manly way to build muscles, often they tend to forget about good positioning of the body. By combining yoga and crossfit you gain awareness on what muscle parts to engage, and which ones to relax. You will also build balance, general mobility and suppleness. Handstand reps can only be repeated properly with open shoulders.

Yoga for crossfit and fitness in Geneva / Geneve at INNERCITYOGA studio

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