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The best way to learn more about the upcoming Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings (RYS-200 + RYS-300) is to attend the info sessions at INNERCITYOGA near Rive, Geneva. You will meet some of the teaching faculty and get all of your questions answered. Please contact us for attending the next YTT info session.

We answer all your questions about the Yoga Teacher Trainings at INNERCITYOGA Geneva.

Applying for the Yoga Teacher Training program is a life changing journey. As you invest time and energy, you will probably have plenty of questions. You will find answers to most common questions below. Also, we invite you to contact us to clarify anything that has not been answered below.

Is there a minimum of experience required for attending the training?

You should have a strict minimum of 2 years regular 3 x weekly or even daily yoga practice! While the RYS-200 YTT covers the basics of all yoga asanas, you should be familiar and at ease with most of the postures.

I am very interested in your yoga teacher training, but fear that I do not know enough about yoga, like the Sanskrit names of the postures.

Fear not! You are not expected to know everything before the training starts. Before you considered taking the program, you were probably enjoying more or less passively the instruction of guided classes and not paying attention to Sanskrit terms or translations.
You will learn everything you need to know during the training.
The manual is well structured and you will be guided through the asanas, the pronunciation of the Sanskrit term and its translation, as well as the sequenced instruction on how to teach it. In addition to this, we always touch one of the main muscles involved in the posture, and review the anatomy.

I am worried about my English skills when it comes to writing my exam

Do not worry! We are aware that for many English is not their first language. Your English skills should allow you to understand the training and participate in the exchange with your colleagues, particularly when it comes to partner work. Your senior teacher trainers are used to international students and speak slower or repeat.

Is there homework?

There is a minimal amount of homework during the training, 4 - 6 hours per week. We also recommend that each evening you review the content of the past day.

Do you provide a manual?

You will receive your manuals on the first day of training.

Do I need to order extra books?

Once your application has been approved you will receive the reading list with mandatory books.
It contains 3 books needed for the training and 2 books recommended to read prior to the training.

Will I be fit enough to attend the training?

The Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training program gradually builds your strength and knowledge.
In the daily morning practice you will work on the “theme du jour” which you will review through the day in small groups.

To break up your day, different segments like philosophy, anatomy, history of yoga or yoga as a profession are discussed as a lecture. 

How can I prepare for the training?

Use the time before the start of the training to get prepared: practice yoga to get physically fit!
Everyone tells us that they are in fantastic shape during and after the training!

Can I attend classes at INNERCITYOGA to Prepare?

Yes, absolutely! Once your YTT registration has been approved and the tuition has been received, you are entitled to the student discounts. Many classes are taught by graduates of past Yoga Teacher Trainings by INNERCITYOGA.

I missED the Info Session. May I get a personal consultation?

The Info Session about the upcoming training is a great way to connect with your lead teachers and like-minded candidates for the program. In case you did miss it, please contact us so that you may attend one of our regular classes followed by a personal consultation. You will get a personal evaluation of your level and a presentation of the program. All your questions will definitively be answered.

How many students will attend the training?

At INNERCITYOGA® we limit the number of participants in the Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings to a maximum of 18 participants.
This is half the size of comparable trainings and allows for the best learning conditions!

Whereas comparable international yoga trainings enroll between 35 and 40, even up to 300 (!) students, your training at INNERCITYOGA offers an average of 14 students. This also allows for partnerwork in small groups.

Why is the RYS-200 split into two parts?

As the RYS-200 Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training program is split in two parts, you will have plenty of time to review all the information in between the segments.

Is the Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training certified?

Yes. As Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, INNERCITYOGA offers the RYS-200 and RYS-300 programs within the standards requested.

INNERCITYOGA is registered with Yoga Alliance as RYS-200 Hours School in Geneva / Genève
INNERCITYOGA is certified RYS-300 Hours in Geneva / Genève by Yoga Alliance

I counted less than 200 classroom hours for the RYS-200 training?

INNERCITYOGA exceeds by far the standards for a RYS-200 program! Yoga Alliance requests a minimum of 120 contact hours, of which 80 contact hours need to be taught by the lead teacher.
The RYS-200 Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Training offers you 165 contact hours with your lead teacher!
The remaining hours represent homework and self-study to be done in between the segments.

How do I get certified?

In order to get certified, you first need to graduate from the training.
To graduate you need to have attended all hours, handed in all of your homework, passed your written exam and also the teaching segment.
After completing everything, you will receive your diploma established by INNERCITYOGA. You will submit this diploma to register with Yoga Alliance and have to pay their yearly fee. You will receive the RYT-200 (registered yoga teacher) certificate.

Will I obtain the diploma automatically when I pay for the tuition?

Taking the Deep Flow Yoga Teacher Trainings seriously is mandatory to pass the program and obtain the diploma. You are asked to fulfill:
- attendance in the full program (or if needed book private make-up classes with the lead teacher).
- punctuality
- taking part in the quizzes
- handing in the homework on time
- passing the written final exam
- passing the class teaching exam

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